Cydney Fowler Creations

Fused Glass Artist - Made By Hand in California

The Sun is Always Shining, The Buddha

One of the important aspects for me as a person and artist is my philosophy on life.  It is my goal to share my art with others and hope they enjoy it as much as I do and I will try to keep it accessible by all who want to enjoy it.  The Buddha said that the Sun is always shining.   I think that is an important concept - no matter how dark it may seem the sun is always shining somewhere.  We can tell ourselves, be happy, the sun still shines!  In thinking about my art and possible motifs for my designs I have been exploring ideas that spur my creativity.    I am continuing to study glass, color harmony and design while practicing making my art.  I am also creating with paper - greeting cards, gifts and decorative items.  I am a Kitcheneez Consultant and a DoTerra Wellness Advocate.  I enjoy sharing products with you that will help you and your family be healthy and happy.  The more I create and share with others the happier I am.  It is my hope that you are happy too and somehow I can brighten your day too.